William J. Higgins Retirement Dinner

Retirement Dinner
Alliance of Floor Brokers
New York Stock Exchange

April 28, 1994

Speaker: Arthur J. Cashin, Jr.

William J. Higgins

When I thought about what to say about Billy on his retirement, I was reminded of two things. One was a point about children and heroes. When we are very young our heroes are larger than life. They are superhuman. They have capes and fly. Today some even look like mutant turtles I am told. But, as we get older we realize that heroes are those who we meet what life gives them everyday without flinching. Those who remain themselves through the good and bad. Real life heroes are those who take their life and their friends for what they are.

Over the years, I have watched Billy Higgins take whatever was dealt out and never flinch. He remained loyal to his friends but never once compromised his principles. Most times we were on the same side. On a few occasions we disagreed. But through every trial Billy would never confuse the "friend" with the "fight". He never flinched but never personalized. Some heroes like my friend Billy, don't need capes.

The other thing I am reminded of is the story about a baseball player who was interviewed in the 1920's. The reporter asked the player what he thought of Babe Ruth! "Mister", he said, "It has been an honor just to play in the same league with him."

Billy, I don't know how you are with a baseball bat, but for all of us let me say - "It's been an honor just to play in the same league with you."